Who We Are

Though most equate the church with a building, we believe the church to be the people. As such we are the church whether we are meeting at the place we have set aside for that purpose or going about our daily lives in the work place, or with friends and family.

Three simple words summerise who we are and what we do: Faith, Family and Friendship.

We believe whole heartedly in the Bible. Many today, without really giving it much consideration, have rejected the Bible and the God of the Bible. But we know that God’s Word can be trusted in every way. We know it was inspired and that it has been preserved for us. Most importantly it reveals that we have sinned and need a Saviour. It also tells us how to live in this life the way that our Creator intended.

Before the church, certainly before government and almost from the very beginning God created the family. At Brimpton we try to offer something for all the family. In many of the services we provide nursery or special meetings for children. At other services we encourage the whole family to be present. We do not expect the impossible from children and enjoy everyone being together.

The church is a unique place where people from all walks of life can meet at the foot of the cross, where the ground is equal. Through the years hundreds have passed through the doors of Brimpton Baptist Church and life long friendships have begun.

For those who come to Brimpton Baptist Church it is a refuge, a place of safety and welcome. Because the people are the church and not simply where the people go, it doesn’t matter if it is 11am on a Sunday Morning or 2am in the middle of the night, we are a part of the family of God and friends who are there for one another.