Church Workers

Martin Wickens, Pastor

560499_10151501633027470_618259716_nIn the 1980’s the former pastor, Tom Dotson, established a Christian school attached to the church. After it had been running a few years my parent’s enrolled myself and my two brothers at Faith Christian School.

During my time at Faith I heard the Gospel just about every day of the week. At the beginning of each school day we had devotions, on Saturdays I would often visit the Dotson children and would inevitably hear the Gospel or see it being lived, and of course every Sunday Pastor would preach the Gospel.

One morning during school devotions Pastor spoke about the rapture. I had seen my need to be saved for a long time, but I had always gambled on having tomorrow to make a commitment to Christ. That day, however, God used Pastor Dotson to impress on me the urgency of my need for salvation. As soon as devotions were over I asked Mrs. Diane Imms, one of the school teachers whom the Dotsons had led to the Lord, if I could speak with Pastor. She took me to Pastor’s office and he led me through the Scriptures. It was the 5th of August, 1994 when I received God’s gift of salvation.

Very soon I felt the Lord was calling me to preach and Pastor spent many hours discipling me. It was several years later that at the end of a service pastor asked for testimonies and I stood and announced God had called me to preach.

In 2000 I moved to Northern Ireland to attend Bible school. After living there for 3 years I moved back to Brimpton. On my visits home during holidays the Dotsons had introduced me to Carrie. Carrie is a BJU graduate and originally from South Carolina. We married in May of 2004.

After living a year in England Carrie and I moved to Northern Ireland where I become pastor of a small church plant. We greatly enjoyed our three years in Northern Ireland.

From there we moved back to England and settled in Sunderland for 18 months where I assisted Pastor Stephen Boreland at Bethesda Free Church.

Finally, the Lord led us back to Brimpton. Our intention was to assist the Dotsons in any way they required. However, it seems as the Lord was opening the door for us to return to Brimpton He was opening the door for the Dotson’s to begin a new field of ministry in the USA.

Pastor announced to the church his retirement from the ministry here a in 2011 and on the 30th of March, 2011, the congregation voted unanimously to invite me to pastor the church.